4th April 2014

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We’re starting a collaboration based on the Japanese culture - contribute all of your art and ideas!


WRITERS, JAPANESE HISTORIANS & SCHOLARS: Contribute Japanese stories or folk tales that could be told in 3 minutes or less. You can also write your own original story.

VOICE OVER ARTISTS: Find a story in the collaboration and perform a reading of it.

ORIGAMI ARTISTS: Contribute Origami art of all kinds. You could also upload a template so other artists could make their own. Please photograph your Origami on green paper so Animators can remix them.

ANIMATORS: Find visuals from the collab and do Test Animations of them. Or find a story you like, and Animate it.

ILLUSTRATORS: Contribute drawings for the collab.

MUSICIANS: Contribute Japanese-influenced music.

CURATORS: Make Albums of your favorite contributions to the collab.


Contribute to the “UNTITLED JAPANESE FOLK TALE” collab HERE!

8th February 2012


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